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#Build A Display box

Introduce your customers to a variety of captivating fragrances with our new build-a-box feature.


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  • 100 % concentrated
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  • Oil burner Safe
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#Build A Display box

Introduce your customers to a variety of captivating fragrances with our latest Mix and Match feature.

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  • Do you enjoy filling your home with amazing aromas and fragrances? Our essential oil based air fresheners can be burned for aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and more. 

    This handcrafted ceramic oil burner is perfect for warming up any of our 200+ scents so they create a refreshing atmosphere for you, your family and your guests on demand.

    Enjoy Hours of Aromatherapy

    The oil burner is set up with a bowl for our BluntPower oil and water plus a space for a tea light to warm the the mixture. This diffuses the your chosen scent into the air and fills any room with a light, pleasant aroma you will love.

    Depending on your chosen scent, burning our essential oil-based formulas can help:

    • Elevate your yoga practice
    • Improve your sleep
    • Increase your focus
    • Reduce your stress levels

    ...and more! Discover how BluntPower can relax your body and mind through Aromatherapy today.


    Elegant Artwork & Design That Compliments Any Room 


    Each piece is handcrafted meticulously and features cut out floral designs that allow candle light to shine through. This piece is not only an oil burner, but it also serves as eye-catching home decor. Perfect for tables, bedroom, living rooms and yoga studios.

    You will love the the refined and relaxing ambience it gives any indoor room when lit. 

    How To Use

    Step 1: Fill 2/3 of the bowl with water

    Step 2: Pour a small amount of your favorite BluntPower Air Freshener (sold separately) into the water

    Step 3: Light a tea candle (sold separately) and place it in the space below the bowl

    Step 4: Fill any room with a relaxing aroma that will last for hours


    Made of Ceramic

    One-piece construction

    Dimensions: 4.3" x 4.1"


    Elevate Your Sales Potential

    Do drivers, smokers or scentlovers already shop with you? Then you've got potential customers right now!

    Our legendary collection of fragrances will help you maximize your profits & keep your customers coming back for more. From classic scents that sell themselves to trendy new scents people will love to try, we've got something for everyone. 

    Only BluntPower gives you access to a winning selection that will level up your sales game overnight. 


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    Stock Up & Sell Out

    Good luck keeping these captivating fragrances in stock. Our air fresheners, incense and odor eliminators are well known and supported by heavy digital and advertising. Your competitive wholesale pricing gives you more competitive pricing than what your customers see online which means an easier sale for you. 

    Our exceptional customer service and new ordering platform means placing an order with us has never been easier. Stock up now and watch your sales soar. 

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