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#Build A Display box

Introduce your customers to a variety of captivating fragrances with our new build-a-box feature.

$2.70 - $3.48

/ piece

Minimum order of

100 Pieces

Scent Quantity 
Apricot Peach Spray
Apricot Pineapple Spray
Apricot Spray
Banana Spray
Banana Vanilla Spray
Cherry Coconut Spray
Cherry Vanilla Spray
Citrus Lemon Spray
Citrus Orange Vanilla Spray
Cucumber Melon Red Spray
Dewberry Spray
Grapple Spray
Lemon Lime Spray
Lemon Vanilla Spray
Lime Air Spray
Mango Cantaloupe Red
Mango Peach Red
Mango Pineapple Green
Mango Red
Melon Spray
Melon Peach
Melon Peach Breeze
Mulberry Vanilla
Orange Spray
Orange Vanilla
Pear Spray
Pineapple Grape
Pineapple Orange
Pineapple Strawberry
Strawberry Coconut
Strawberry Peach
Tangerine Coconut
Tropical Breeze Green

Container Material:



Air Fresheners

  • Made in The USA
  • 60 day ironclad guarantee
  • 100 % concentrated
  • Easy returns
  • Oil burner Safe
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#Build A Display box

Introduce your customers to a variety of captivating fragrances with our latest Mix and Match feature.

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  • Kiss embarrassing odors goodbye with our long-lasting oil based fragrances. Just a few sprays will create a powerful, lingering scent that will keep any room smelling fresh for hours on end.

    Each 1.5 oz bottle is travel sized, durable & highly concentrated. Which means it's easy to take anywhere, for anytime you need to "refresh your space".
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  • Returns are easy: We stand behind our products and offer an ironclad no B.S. 60-day satisfaction guarantee for exchange or full refund


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